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Proof of Citizenship: Sense you will be traveling outside of the United States then you will be required to show Proof of Citizenship before you board your cruise ship. A valid passport is the best form of proof. The ruling on passports and birth certificates has changed several times during the past few years,
and we strongly suggest that you consult with your cruise specialist
and you can visit the following link for the latest information on
Passports and Proof of Citizenship:

Cancellation Fees: At some point (usually after final payment has been made) you will be subject to cancellation penalties. These penalties will tend to escalate the closer you get to your departure date depending on your travel suppliers - To protect you against these penalties - we highly recommend Travel Protection Insurance.
Travel Protection Insurance: If you have not already received a custom quote for your trip, please contact your cruise specialist as soon as possible so that they can discuss your options.
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Luggage Fees for Air Travel:  If you are traveling by Air to either New Orleans or Houston, you will need to be aware of the various luggage fees that are imposed by most Airlines today. The fees change, so please go to your particular carrier's website to get the most accurate amounts. Luggage Fees

Long gone are the days when you would sail into a cruise port with only three or four shore excursions to choose from. Sure you could always venture off on your own, but most unseasoned travels will understandably shy away from that option.

Cruise Lines today can offer their guests a multitude of shore and side trips that range from the everyday snorkel trips or island tours to exotic scuba adventures and helicopter rides.

Listed here on our Cruise Tools page you'll find more valuable information and links you'll find useful both before and after you book your cruise vacation from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

In addition, there are a number of other companies that specialize in providing shore excursions to visitors that are generally less expensive and less crowded than those offered by the cruise lines. The more popular companies include: Island RoutesProject Expedition, and Shore Trips
Ports of Call:  LIsted below are some links to the Ports of Call most visitied by Cruise Ships sailing from New Orleans or other Gulf Ports.
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